Olga Itsiou, COO of Dimand, represented our company at the 16th RED Meeting Point, organized at the Athens Conservatory, on May 3 and 4. As part of the annual conference, she participated in a panel on "Repositioning & Greenfield Investment: Transforming the Built Environment".

Referring to the building stock of our country and Athens in particular, she highlighted a number of aspects, such as the poor energy and earthquake-proof situation, which can prolong the process of relocating a property. She also emphasized the importance of the neighborhood for the successful completion of urban regenarations. In her speech, among other things, she mentioned: “At Dimand, we try not to do individual renovations, building by building. We carry out more complex and comprehensive projects, so that urban regenerations are created. We are building neighborhoods, at a time when many areas of Athens have been abandoned or have declined. We want to do the same in the center of Athens. And, there, in addition to mixed uses, we will also integrate the residence. Hotels are very useful, as they promote the development of tourism, but the residences in the center are necessary to create a safe and properly organized area.

We were honored to participate in this conference, where we had the opportunity to discuss with distinguished professionals in the real estate field, approaching an extremely timely topic, such as the transformation of the built environment.