DIMAND, once again, participated as a major sponsor of Prodexpo, the iconic event for the development and utilization of real estate in Greece. The annual conference, which marked its 24th year this year, took place on October 25th and 26th at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall.

The company was represented by the CEO, Dimitris Andriopoulos, and the Senior Sustainability Manager, Evangelia Gklezakou.

Dimitris Andriopoulos, the CEO of DIMAND, and George Taniskidis, the President of Optima Bank, discussed the opportunities and challenges in times of significant disruptions on the path to further developing the Greek economy. They emphasized the importance of banks as significant contributors to the economic recovery of the country and also touched upon the significant investments in the real estate market, which represents a sector with dynamic growth. Specifically, Mr. Andriopoulos stated, “We feel that we have work to do for the next 20-30 years in Greece,” emphasizing that all companies in the real estate industry must be particularly cautious in their actions, as conditions are variable, and the road holds traps and sharp turns.

Evangelia Gklezakou, the Senior Sustainability Manager at DIMAND, participating in a discussion on the topic “Building ‘green’ and better: Methods and approaches for low carbon footprint buildings,” mentioned: “ESG is a term we hear a lot. To incorporate it, we need to understand what Environment, Social, and Governance are asking for. In order to adopt more responsible practices, we must align with ESG principles. The real estate sector is undergoing significant transformation. Aligning with these requirements is not just a trend of the times but a response to pressing challenges.” In this context, she added: “ESG-compliant buildings are not just constructions but symbols of progress. So, when we make decisions about buildings and investments, let’s keep in mind that by investing in ESG-compliant buildings, ‘Creating the cities we want to live in.'”