The Piraeus Tower, the iconic landmark of the country's largest passenger port, proudly participates in the multi-day journey of the flame from the sacred site of Ancient Olympia to the 33rd Summer Olympic Games in Paris.

From April 16th to April 27th, during the journey of the Olympic Flame throughout Greece, the Piraeus Tower as part of the Municipality’s events, will illuminate every evening, adorned in the colors of the French flag. Alternating on its facades, the emblem of the Olympic Games will be projected, as a sign of tribute to the country hosting the world’s largest sporting event.

On April 27th, after the flame has completed its journey across Greece, it will depart from Piraeus aboard the iconic sailboat “Le Belem,” to transport the flame to France and, specifically, to the ancient Greek port of Marseille.

For the Piraeus Tower, participation in the events of the Olympic Torch Relay is particularly honorable, as its multifaceted significance carries a message of peace and unity, serving as a point of connection for the global community. It represents a timeless link between the past, present, and future, encouraging inspiration and dreams. These are values embraced and passionately supported by Piraeus Tower S.A.