1st Forum for Sustainable Building in Greece: we shared our experience, we gained a new one!

We are committed to building a greener future! We are sustaining the hope for a better life in Greece! This could be in brief the outcome from the discussion held on the 1st Forum for the Implementation and the Business Case for Sustainable Buildings in Greece. DIMAND was there with Olga Itsiou, Technical Director, contributing her utmost with the presentation of KARELA OFFICE PARK – the first building in Greece certified with LEED® Gold – business case and the experience gained from its implementation.

The forum was held on October 18, 2014 at Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, and it was organized by Building Green Magazine, in collaboration with Ecoveritas, a pioneering sustainability consulting company, Inzeb, Institute of Zero Energy Buildings and Sustain, a sustainability consulting company. It was joined by a large number of building industry professionals and proved to be a first class opportunity for enhancing relations with market experts, gaining knowledge on the latest trends and exchanging views on the critical issue of sustainable development in Greece and the perspective of it in the current situation of financial crisis. DIMAND had a lead in the discussion of LEED certification process with the KARELA OFFICE PARK case, engaging the multifaceted aspects of all stakeholders of this pioneering project, while Chr. Vassilopoulos from OTE – COSMOTE, tenant of the building, spoke on the added value derived from operating in such a building.

Wishing to remain active and up to date with the rapidly changing marketplace as well as the rapidly changing environment of investments in sustainable real estate assets and real estate funds, we will keep participating in interesting and fruitful fora. Stay tuned!