2016 Olympus Marathon: Running with the gods - worshiping the trail spirit!

The lucky 13th Olympus Marathon was carried out on the 26th of June at Mt. Olympus and ended with some awesome new records and achievements for men and women. “Our” Runner Store’s ambassador Dimitris Theodorakakos, was the winner for men with the third best time of all times and Glykeria Tziatzia was the first of Greek women and second finisher in women! This year’s Olympus Marathon attracted many foreign runners, with Stevie Kremer, one of the greatest American mountain runners, being the winner at women, accomplishing a new record. But if winning is one side of victory, participating and finishing is the side of personal victory. Once more we celebrated the participants of this unique trail running event, Nikos Dimtsas, Chief Financial Officer of DIMAND, Dimitris Andriopoulos, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Panos Panayiotides, General Manager!

The race is the most difficult mountain trail in Greece. We are proud to be part of this amazing community for the third year! Our team spirit and our drive for personal achievements is invigorating us to keep up running… up and high where goals meet dreams. Olympus Marathon will always be a divine experience.