A constructive dialogue took place in New York, during the 24th Annual Investment Conference of Capital Link, in which participated as speakers ministers, company and bank executives. 

DIMAND’s CEO, Dimitris Andriopoulos, participated in a discussion regarding real estate, entitled “Sustaining Growth & Investment Momentum” and underlined the significant growth prospects in certain categories of real estate, such as green buildings, housing and logistics. DIMAND, he stressed, invests in all the above and seeks to expand its social and environmental work, focusing on the urban regeneration of the wider area where it operates, in cooperation with public and private bodies.

“Despite rising construction costs over the past year and the recent inflationary pressures and corresponding interest rate increases, the demand for quality sustainable properties, from both users and investors, exceeds supply and the values of these properties are expected to show resilient behaviour in the unfavourable macroeconomic climate”.

Mr. Andriopoulos noted that although we, once again, are faced with demanding circumstances, himself is positive towards the Greek real estate market. Finally, he expressed his optimism about the medium-long-term prospects of Greece and the domestic real estate market, noting, however, that the year 2023 will be a barrier that will have to be overcome with focused effort and prudence.