From Athens to Valencia, from the birthplace of the Marathon to the “City of Running”!

Upholding the spirit of a running culture, DIMAND is, for one more time, proud to have two of its people finishing the authentic Marathon of Athens, on November 12th. Nikos Dimtsas, an experienced long distance runner and Gerasimos Evgenios who accomplished his personal achievement, running for the first time, finished the race of 42.195 km in Athens, which is considered to be the most difficult route of all marathons.

Now we are heading for Valencia, with Panos Panayiotides preparing for his participation in the Valencia Marathon which is held on November 19th. Valencia has a lot to offer as marathon destination as it is a paradigm for developing a running market and has created a real amusement park for runners, building its brand name as the “City of Running”.

Congratulations to all our colleagues who participated in all the races of the event and all the best to the ones who follow.

We keep up living a healthy lifestyle and running for some of the best values in life. Stamina, strong will and passion for accomplishments.