Back to the future; restoring a real architectural jewel!

DIMAND has the honor to have undertaken the renovation and conservation of the Anagnostopoulou 35 building, which has been characterized as a Historical Listed Monument and Work of Art by the Ministry of Culture. The project management – design management, tendering procedures, construction management services- are in progress and no words seem enough to describe our awe for the beauty revealed during the conservation works of this built heritage. The restoration of the building is being conducted by two sub-contractors, “ACT + Design Lab – Konstantinos Stratigopoulos and partners“, responsible for the structural reinforcement, building and M&E works, and “Lithou Synteresis “ who have conducted the study of conservation and are responsible for the restoration of the ceiling frescos, friezes, cornices, moldings and staircase

The works are planned in two phases, the first of which includes the aesthetic restoration of the ceiling frescos, friezes, cornices and moldings, and the second which includes the repositioning of the ceiling frescos and the placement of the marble entrance staircase. A photographic project is being conducted in parallel, to keep a track record of this cultural and unique real estate project.