The 'weapons' of sustainability are human resources and the vision that leads us

DIMAND participated in the contemporary design and architecture conference ARCHITECTS TALK, which took place within the framework of the exhibition ‘Build Expo’ 2022, in collaboration with Archisearch, the Design Ambassador and Vassilis Bartzokas.

The head of Sustainability at DIMAND S.A., Sandra Baer participated in an interesting discussion together with Maria Kaltsa of ARC NEST, Panagiotis Palioura of DCARBON, Thomas Doxiadis of doxiadisplus. They explored contemporary concepts of sustainability, the significance of this year’s award to Francis Kere at the Pritzker Architecture Prize; they also talked about building certifications and how people welcome and experience these changes.

Sandra Baer, as the first speaker, defined sustainability that includes the human, environmental and economic dimensions. “We try to heal the world with every project” she mentioned. While, answering the question about the importance of certifications for DIMAND and whether it has other sustainability ‘weapons’ in its quiver, she noted that “…certifications in themselves are not sustainability ‘weapons’. Our ‘weapons’ are human resources and the vision that leads us”. The speakers also highlighted the benefit of collaboration between architects and energy experts. Furthermore, they concluded that sustainability has become so entrenched in the minds of construction professionals that it is a component of the commercial success of buildings.

Within the framework of the conference, Building Green magazine organized a workshop which was part of the section ‘Open Space’ 2022, about the “Impact of glazing in the assessment of buildings with sustainability criteria”. During the workshop, Sandra Baer made an introduction to Carbon Footprint Assessment of a building’s façade, and Sustainability Manager of DIMAND Angelos Entmons, presented the pioneering case study of the Piraeus Tower.