The Athens Stock Exchange welcomed today DIMAND S.A.’s Management and Εxecutives, as well as representatives of contractors on the occasion of the commencement of the company’s shares trading in the Main Market of the Stock Exchange. The CEO of DIMAND S.A., Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos, declared the opening of today's meeting.

In his welcoming speech, the CEO of the Athens Exchange Group, Mr. Yiannos Kontopoulos, referred to the successful completion of DIMAND’s public offering as ‘a special day’. “In the previous years, as we all know, the Greek economy – and consequently the stock market – have been severely tested. Today, geopolitical turbulence has caused another difficult environment of international complex uncertainty. In this environment, companies are being tested, but they are resisting and daring. DIMAND dared and succeeded. The company’s total raised capital exceeded a total of 100 million euros, recorded as the highest one since 2007. So, we congratulate the company for this success.” Mr. Yiannos Kontopoulos stressed, noting among other things: “The prospects for the Greek economy and the domestic capital market are currently quite positive. The Athens Stock Exchange, responding to its role as a key driver of the national economy, supports Greek companies in achieving their goals”.

The President of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Mrs. Vasiliki Lazarakou, congratulated Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos as well as all corporate representatives and contractors who worked effectively as a team and achieved this current outcome. “DIMAND S.A.’s listing on the Stock Exchange today is sound proof that when there is vision, boldness and methodology, companies can raise capital from the domestic market” noted Mrs. Lazarakou.

“It is with great pleasure that we are here today, the first day of trading on the Athens Stock Exchange. In such a landscape of international uncertainty, I think the fact that this is the first substantial large listing since 2007 is proof of the strong prospects of DIMAND S.A.,” said Alpha Bank Group CEO, Mr. Vassilis Psaltis during his address, further adding: “Our relationship with DIMAND is not limited to the role of Issuing Advisor and Coordinator – Main Contractor. As the main partner bank, we have arranged a financing of more than EUR 250 million for emblematic projects of urban regeneration and real estate development and have supported the company’s entire development journey up to date. From our side, we are committed to supporting more success stories like this one, which contribute to deepening the Greek capital market, putting the Greek economy on a path of sustainable growth. Congratulations to all for this great venture.”

“DIMAND’s successful initial public offering is a milestone for the Stock Exchange and a strong positive message for the prospects of the Greek economy,” underlined the CEO of Eurobank, Mr. Fokion Karavias in his address, further adding: “Its outperformance, at the highest range price, despite any adverse conditions in the international markets and global economy, reflects the company’s quality and the potential in the sector of residential regeneration with a positive developmental and environmental focus. The success vindicates Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos’ boldness to proceed in adverse conditions, offering investment alternatives and enhancing the image of the Greek stock exchange with the first significant listing after 8 years.”

DIMAND S.A.’s CEO, Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos, after thanking the authorities and the officials of the Stock Exchange and the Capital Market, the consultants, contractors, auditors, his corporate executives and all those who participated in the demanding task of the share capital increase, said: “We are proud of our achievements in developing state-of-the-art sustainable buildings over the 20 years that we have been in business. Now, we are also proud of another achievement, the successful increase of our share capital and the listing of DIMAND’s shares on the stock exchange. This is a goal that we were helped to achieve not only by new strong shareholders, but also by the broader investment community that put their trust in us. This development makes us feel an even greater responsibility towards our shareholders and our partners to work harder, to innovate and improve not only the buildings and the environment, but also the conditions for those who live or work in them. Together, we will continue creating the cities we want to live in.”