G. IOAKIMIDIS S.A. - New Building, second time around!

We are proud to announce that G. IOAKIMIDIS S.A. has assigned DIMAND with the design management, tendering procedures and construction management of the company’s office building and logistics center extension, in Koropi Attica.

Dimand had successfully delivered the first 2.073,50 sq.m. building back in 2011. To serve the new company needs with top performance standards and a more efficient logistics process, G. IOAKIMIDIS S.A. has appointed DIMAND to deliver the new building extension, embracing our commitment to excellence, innovation and quality.

The new 1.850 sq.m. development includes a two-storey office area and logistics centre as well as an outdoor green area and will feature new solutions for energy production and performance.

Both the existing and the new building are designed by AETER Architects and are defined by high profile curtains on the façade, which serve natural lighting into the workspace. Additionally, the outer white decorative architectural elements, in alternation with the vertical curtain walls, create the impression of a gigantic barcode.

With the addition of the new building which is due in Spring of 2018, the total premises will consist of 3.914,21 sq.m.