From New Orleans to Patra - the First Greek Moxy is here

High tech vibes, superfast internet connections, multiple plug-in corners, smart locks and an ultimate chic ambience just added a bit more funk in the city of Patras. MOXY Patra Marina, with its hip attitude and unique design has been one of our most fun, unique and exciting projects.

Marriott International’s newest and edgiest affordable brand was inspired by modern travelers who seek urban adventures and Patra was the ideal destination, since it’s one of Greece’s most vibrant cities filled with open bars and hip crowds.

With 116 rooms, gym, pool and a series of amenities, this new venture is an important milestone for the local community and for our strategic vision, to continuously create forward-thinking, cutting edge, sustainable buildings that bring forward social and environmental values.

For more information please visit: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/gpaox-moxy-patra-marina/