Dimand, represented by its COO Olga Itsou, participated in the Upfront Initiative conference, organized by LIFO and Tsomokos Communications, on Thursday, March 23, at the Athens Concert Hall.

The discussion topic Olga Itsou participated in was “Employment Opportunities and Disability: Accessibility, Improvements, Equal Opportunities.” The discussion focused on how to improve accessibility for people with disabilities in the workplace and how to create equal opportunities for all. She spoke about Dimand’s commitment to the values of accessibility and equal opportunities, and the importance the company places on developing practices and policies that move in this direction.

Dimand was honored to participate in this conference where we had the opportunity to talk and listen to the stories of amazing people who fight daily for the elimination of social inequalities and the establishment of equal opportunities for all.
In our company, the commitment to ensuring equal opportunities is absolute. We are determined to ensure that every building we construct is accessible to everyone. We promote equality, from access to the workplace to career advancement and the development of professional skills of our staff.

We insist on equal treatment of all employees. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can feel valued and contribute to the best of their abilities.