DIMAND Real Estate Development in collaboration with Barphone and Teleperformance Greece, donated 4 vehicles to the Fire Department.

We undertook this initiative with the aim of supporting the Fire Brigade within the framework of care and prevention for the protection of the environment. The purpose of this partnership was to contribute to the difficult work of the Fire Brigade, thus enhancing its operational capabilities in urban and forest environments, as well as that of the firefighters on the front line.

In a special ceremony held on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, at the premises of the Fire Brigade Headquarters, in Maroussi, in the presence of the Chief of the Administrative Support Branch of the Fire Brigade, Lt. Ioannis Stamoulis and the CEOs of Teleperformance Greece, Konstantinos Hamalelis, DIMAND Real Estate Development, Dimitris Andriopoulos and Barphone, Peter Therianos, Mr. Andriopoulos pointed out the need for all major companies that have the ability to contribute to the strengthening of the logistics equipment of the Fire Brigade.

“One of the fundamental principles that constitute the corporate culture of DIMAND is the protection of the environment. We demonstrate this, in practice, through the modern sustainable buildings we develop, which meet the standards of sustainability, respecting both the environment and people. The devastating fires of the past few years have made us even more aware of this. In this context, DIMAND has decided to further strengthen the work of institutions that are active in the prevention and response to natural disasters”, noted DIMAND’s CEO.