Our People

“We shape our buildings and afterwards our building shape us” W. Churchill

Dimand Real Estate Development is a pioneer company that develops and invests in our people. We offer a work environment that promotes collaboration, teamwork, while ensuring modern and dignified work conditions that respect labor rights and current needs of our people. This can be seen by our high retention rates.

Dimand is our people. We are professionals, with different backgrounds and experiences, who came together under a common vision, to join our skills and strengths. We are experts in Project Management, with a strong roaster of Engineers- Architects, Civil, Mechanics and Electrical- and highly qualified professionals in Investment and Management. We follow common goals with empathy, teamwork and we share values of delivering results, while respecting the process.

In Dimand, our core value is to create elegant, sustainable buildings and urban regeneration projects with respect and care towards our surroundings and the public space. By applying sustainable practices, we create spaces were people feel safe, while experiencing daily a philosophy of better natural resources’ management.

Our people profile:

Gender Representation
Men 65%
Women 35%

Age Groups
20-30 11%
30-40 27%
40-50 32%
50-60 23%
60+ 7%

We support equal representation in practice, both in our employees and in Top Management positions. 50% of Managerial positions and 1/3 of Board of Directors members are women.

We have certified processes that ensure transparency and axiocracy in selection and recruitment of new employees, in evaluation, talent management and rewarding policies of current employees.


Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion
At DIMAND, we are committed to promoting the principles of diversity, equality, and inclusion. We recognize and appreciate the unique differences among the individuals who make up our team, and we believe that diversity enhances innovation and performance. We foster equal treatment for all members, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic. To ensure the adherence to this commitment, we have implemented a robust Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Policy (DEI). This policy serves as a guiding framework for promoting fairness, respect, and equal opportunities within our company.

Download DIMAND’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy


We believe that our company’s development is realized through the development of our people. Over 95% of our employees hold a degree, while in the age group of young professionals (20-30 years) the percentage of degree holders reaches 100%.

We offer on a yearly basis training programs on Health and Safety issues, on employees’ and human rights (labor law, law against violence and sexual harassment in work environment, GDPR) and on processes that ensure transparency.

We stand by our people with consistency and a sense of responsibility. We create motivation for both individual and group development, and we offer training opportunities through an annual strategic plan and a dedicated budget, in order to always stay in touch with current trends.

Extra Benefits for our Employees

  • Private Group Health Insurance, for our employees and their family members
  • Supporting life-work balance through work schedule flexibility
  • Team building programs and company social events
  • Company registration in events that promote health and wellbeing, as running culture is a core value for us

Students Internship Program

We believe that internship programs are the best way to meet young professionals. We offer placements on a regular basis and we ensure that they acquire experiences, knowledge and confidence by getting in touch daily with an actual workplace.

To apply for an Internship Placement in our company, you can follow our posts on the Greek University Central Internship System ATLAS (https://atlas.grnet.gr), as well as Department Announcements on relevant study programs (only available to Greek University Students).