ALDI Hellas Stores

The project of 39 ALDI stores


Roll-out and Project management of ALDI stores in Southern Greece. Property development and Opening Assistance for Stores Northern Greece



Gross Building Area (sqm)

2.000 sq.m.


ALDI Hellas


ALDI Hellas


Lengger, A+D Architects Designers

Structural Engineer

Dimitris Pastras

Services Engineers

Stelios Venieris


Completed 2008 - 2010

Attracting supermarkets with award winning quality and value…

DIMAND managed the project of 39 ALDI stores providing different scope of services for specific locations.

The services included Commercial Reports, Property Development, Technical and Legal Advisory, Design Management, Permit Management, Construction Management, Cost Control and Certification Management, Opening assistance (incl. operation license).
The properties consist of specific zones including commercial area (min. 900 sq.m.), storage area with up to 3 cooling and freezing cells of different temperatures, auxiliary spaces (office, break room, sanitary areas, cleaning storage) and plant rooms, as well as parking area of 100 lots (in front of the store or underground).