Kaizen Campus

DIMAND S.A. undertook the design and development of the Kaizen Gaming new office building in Maroussi, Attica.

The architectural study envisages the construction of a new, state-of-the-art 3-storey building with 3 wings. Its basement will house parking spaces as well as other main and auxiliary spaces.

The office building is registered with the certification goal of LEED® GOLD, since it meets all sustainability requirements.

Syggrou Office Complex

Construction of two 8-storey buildings on a plot of 4,7 hectares, acquired by Dimand.

The Syggrou Office Complex, a new high-sustainability building project, covers a total area of 31,220 sq.m. (GBA), meeting strict environmental standards and having the largest possible open green space.

The project’s top sustainability credentials pave the way for a LEED® GOLD certification.



Making it happen. Regenerating the team spirit.

DIMAND has been appointed with the development management of the new AEK football stadium.

The stadium will have a seating capacity of 32.000 – 34.000 spectators, and will meet the standards of category 4 FIFA/UEFA ELITE stadiums. It will include a Hellenic Refugees Museum and the Team’s Museum.

The project will be combined with a regeneration program of the surrounding park & urban areas.

Moxy Athens City

It is the brand-new addition to the playful Moxy Hotels collection from Marriott International and the first LEED Gold certified hotel in Greece.

An abandoned office building converted into a brand-new modern hotel of 200 + 1 rooms, meeting the higher standards of Marriott International. Moxy Athens City Hotel stands out for its excellent energy efficiency through the use of innovative materials.

Dimand undertook the full development & project management.

Agemar HQs

The Angelicoussis shipping company’s new headquarters include administration and office spaces of Anangel Maritime Group of companies, educational centre, shipping departments and private basement parking area. It also includes complementary spaces such as Museum, Library, Café for the Administration, Offices of the Foundation, Gym, Amphitheatre and Restaurant.

OTE Estate Kerameikos

A LEED Gold certified building…

Reconstruction of a 10.855 sq.m. office complex within a 2.856,52 sq.m plot, consisting of four buildings, built in several phases from 1959 to 1975, in order to create a new creative working environment. The construction of a metallic shading system on the elevations, new structural openings and local demolition & reconstruction of the existing concrete slabs, structural reinforcements of the basement structural construction, addition of an external elevator to one of the buildings, new constructions and landscape formation of the building internal uncovered area, plus the full reconstruction of all the internal areas, new floor-wall-ceiling finishes-etc are some of the works to be executed.

Cosmote TV

Conversion of the “Golden Guide” telephone directory printing plant into a new office and television studio complex for Cosmote TV.

The new uses include three television studios, technical facilities, office space, meeting rooms, open plan interiors connected by a bridge, cafés and supporting facilities.

The design and construction of the project aimed to minimize its environmental footprint, adopting the principles of sustainability, with the development meeting the strict requirements of a LEED® Gold certification. The innovative lightweight façade transforms the building into a landmark.

The construction works included demolitions, excavations, repairs, interior remodeling, renovations, façade changes and energy saving interventions.

Shop & Trade

Redefining relationships; a small ‘oasis’ in the heart of urban blocks and industrial areas.

Bioclimatic complex building with special design and planning, playful and welcoming workspaces that offer high comfort and functionality. It includes offices, retail shops, warehouses, showroom, and complementary facilities as well as a green area on the rooftop of the ground floor of approximately 1.800 sq.m., providing multiple direct environmental benefits to the area and a pleasant environment to the users of the building.

Nominee for the Mies Van der Rohe Award 2011, European Architectural Awards (M. Kokkinou – A. Kourkoulas Architects).

Tavros Office Complex

Redevelopment of the former Philips premises into a 24.000 sq.m. five-storey ‘green’ office building with commercial use, underground parking and auxiliary space.

Neratziotissa Office Building

The building office complex of a 4,400 sq.m. total area consists of two independent buildings of 780 sq.m. and two single underground parking lots with a capacity of 136 spaces.

It is noted that the building has received a LEED® Gold certification.