ALDI Logistics Center- Sindos I

DIMAND was appointed with the reconstruction of the logistics centre in Thessaloniki, in order to adjust it to the needs of the client for temporary use.

The reconstruction works included new organization of the internal space, changes to fire compartments, addition of loading docks and parking areas, structural reinforcement and the addition of refrigerated storage areas, as house-in-house construction.

The new logistics centre consisted of storage areas of different temperatures suitable for full product line, recreation spaces, sanitary areas, changing rooms, mechanical installation areas.

ALDI Logistics Center – Sindos II

Larger than large… The ALDI HELLAS project was the largest logistics development of the country, based on high international standards.

DIMAND has been appointed with the development of the new ALDI logistics centre in Thessaloniki and the corporate headquarters of ALDI Hellas, in cooperation with the designers (ATP, ARCH LAB, TTA, LDK, Karanasios & Co).

The services included Design Management, Project Management (during soil stabilization and construction works) Quality Control, Invoice Verification, Permit Management (construction and operation permits, including deviation from fire protection requirements and installation permit for PV panels) and Subsidies Management.

The building complex comprises storage areas of different temperatures suitable for full product line, staff facilities, technical plants, the corporate headquarters of ALDI Hellas and the regional headquarters (Northern Greece) in two separate wings of the complex, as well as parking facilities, waste disposal area and railway canopy for future train connection. The design included a future truck service area with truck wash facilities, including fuel station (permit only).