Dimitris Andriopoulos, Vice President, and CEO of DIMAND, participated in the 8th Delphi Economic Forum in which, for another year, the company was a sponsor.

During the very interesting discussion entitled “Thinking the City: Understanding the Urban Experience”, Mr. Andriopoulos, together with Andreas Kourkoulas, professor of Architecture at NTUA and architect of the office “Kokkinou & Kourkoulas Architects & Associates”, discussed on the evolution and future of the urban landscape.

At the heart of the debate, which was moderated by “Kathimerini” journalist Nikos Vatopoulos, were the opportunities presented by Greek cities to change their face, their sustainability, and the improvement of the quality of the citizens’ everyday life.”Overpopulation in cities is undoubtedly a problem that will concern the next generations. Greek cities can change their image in a simple way. We must do the obvious, open the cities to the water, demolish some old buildings” said Mr. Andriopoulos and continued: “At DIMAND we have focused on green buildings and urban regeneration. Urban regenerations have an impression on the public, on many. It is the renewal of the cell in the city. Our company develops real estate in the most modern and sustainable way, highlights forgotten iconic buildings and areas, giving new life to the residents’ lives. We create modern buildings for hospitality and professional use. For us, it is clear that we must look for a channel of communication and cooperation with all the relevant bodies”.