Property owned by the Technical Chamber of Greece

Utilization through a land-for-development agreement of a property owned by the Technical Chamber of Greece, with the construction of a new office building complex with two basements, on a plot of 9,066.86 square meters.




Direct Property Development



Plot Area (sqm)

9.066,86 sq.m.


24.857 sq.m.

Building A

7.579 sq.m.

Building B

3.791 sq.m.


Registered with the certification goal of LEED Gold


In Progress

On this plot, two separate building masses will be created with shared parking spaces in two basements, which will extend beyond the buildings’ footprint. The superstructure consists of two separate office buildings with a ground floor and four levels. The two buildings have a ‘Γ’-shaped footprint and are positioned opposite each other, creating an internal garden – courtyard. From the second level, the buildings rise with gradual setbacks up to the last level, creating successive planted roofs. Bioclimatic design will be applied to the above-ground spaces of the buildings to ensure thermal and visual comfort conditions with minimal conventional energy consumption. The project is to be certified according to the LEED sustainable development system at the “Gold” level.

Building A constitutes the contractual consideration for the exchange, while Building B will remain in the ownership of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). The building intended to house TEE will have an area of 3,791.60 sqm of main use and 75 parking spaces. In addition to the office buildings and parking spaces, technical and auxiliary spaces, an amphitheater (a multipurpose hall for 200 people that can be used for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, and other activities), a library space (with an area of at least 180 sqm), and a gym are also planned.