LEED GOLD for Moxy Athens City and the historic building of ‘Eleftherotypia’

True to its commitment to sustainable development, DIMAND has secured two new green certifications for important landmark buildings in Athens.

The first certification was awarded to the 200+1-room Moxy Athens City, making it the first green hotel in Greece certified according to the international LEED standard at GOLD level.

It is the city’s most fun green hotel, offering its residents the chance to enjoy a fun way of staying in the heart of the capital, as it is located at 65 Stadiou Street in Omonia Square, while becoming the new destination for guests and their social meetings. It is the first hotel in Athens for the Marriott Group’s Moxy Hotels chain. DIMAND, PRODEA Investments, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and SWOT Hospitality, are the companies behind this modern 10,210 sq.m. project completed a few months ago.

The second building certified by the international ‘LEED’ sustainable development system -also at GOLD level- is the building that housed the ‘Eleftherotypia’ newspaper.

It is an iconic 15,170 sq.m. building in Neos Kosmos, between Ilia Iliou, Dinostratous, Minoos and Pitheou streets, which was transformed into a state-of-the-art, sustainable and high-quality office space. The VALUE S.A. Office Building is a six-storey building with two basements and a roof within the urban fabric, designed in a ‘gamma’ shape. The green element is now dominant in the surrounding area thanks to the new planted roof of the basement, the waterfall at the entrance and the flower beds on the facades of the building – additions that create a more natural and pleasant environment for the employees.