Tremendously challenging, truly rewarding - Our annual ‘pilgrimage’ to the ‘Mountain of the Gods’

Once again to our favorite mountain, this year with personal records for many of our colleagues.

DIMAND was present to the annual appointment of this epic trail event with Panos Panagiotidis 8:18:50, Nikos Dimtsas 8:34:29 and many other colleagues who participated in smaller routes and had very good personal performances.

With a series of different routes challenging the runners, Olympus Marathon, Olympus Ultra, Olympus Vertical, On the edge of eagles and Melindra Trail, we felt there was a real upgrade of the race that resulted in more entries from abroad and Greece. The two first routes took place early in the morning of the 23rd of June, starting from Dion and ending at Litochoro.

The spirit of the mountain of the Gods met the spirit of celebration, and nothing compared with the feeling of having accomplished one more challenge.

Our appointment for Olympus Marathon 2019 was set. Next year let’s go vertical and higher! The sky is the limit.