UEFA impressed by the first online inspection of AEK OPAP ARENA

UEFA officials were positively impressed by the first online inspection of the AEK OPAP ARENA stadium, which took place on Thursday 31st March at the offices of AEK FC in Maroussi.

The two-hour presentation satisfied the 6-member UEFA committee responsible for the stadiums, the competition part and the organisation of the matches.

The General Manager of AEK FC, Angeliki Arkadi, the Architect of the stadium, Thanasis Kyratsous, the COO of DIMAND, Panos Panagiotidis and the Stadium Manager, Konstantinos Manolas, presented the project and answered in great detail to questions related to accessibility, safety, security issues, ticketing, press boxes, VIP and hospitality areas and additional technical issues. Particular reference was made to how the turf was constructed.

In fact, in the introductory video from the initial presentation and through the connection between then and now, AEK attempted to send the message that this is not just a stadium, but a work of history!

The project is nearing completion and all of us at DIMAND are very happy with the positive feedback we have received.